SOLD- 40 Acres with Spanish Peak Views and next to Apishapa River

We have 40 acres in Las Animas, County that is currently for sale! This property has it all!!! From antelope to mule deer and even views of the Spanish Peaks to the west. Set up your trailer, tent or RV and enjoy the quiet and wide open spaces, all with easy access to the property through county road 64.8.

You are only a few minutes from Aguilar and less than an hour to Trinidad via Interstate 25, where you can get everything you need, from the essentials to Starbucks!!!

Imagine getting out of town on Friday, taking the family down I-25 to your own 40 acres and do as you please. Shoot guns, enjoy nature, draw your deer tag and actually be able to hunt your own land, with public lands to the northeast and west within just a few minutes drive! If interested, please call 325-261-3797.

Parcel Number- 12836600

GPS- 37.4881-104.3693

Power- None, but neighbors close by

Water- None, but neighbors close by

Phone- AT&T has great reception

Cost- $14,000 Cash Sale Only



Owner Financing

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know what owner financed land means to us at Go West Lands and how easy it can be with our business model and the internet.

So, what is owner financed land? This is land that is available to buyers on a payment basis, meaning you can make weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments on properties instead of buying them for a larger one-time fee. This is done for many reasons that benefit both the owner of the property and the buyer of the property as well. One of the best reasons to buy property via owner financing is that it allows you to keep more cash in your pocket today, and spread out your payments with future money that will allow you to buy larger parcels over time and/or diversify your cash into multiple properties over the same time period. The more land/assets you control over a period of time, the more net worth you will have in the long run.

Why would an owner want to owner finance a property??? 1) owner financing allows for less of a tax hit come sales time, yep, quick turning or selling for a large fee really triggers tax brackets and Uncle Sam always wants his 2) owner financing allows property owners to build passive income from raw land that would not usually provide such cash flow. Most owner financed properties would also provide higher sales prices for the owners of the properties as well.

In conclusion, while everyone enjoys a quick cash transaction, there are many times that owner financing land is the right choice for both buyers and sellers.

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Rule #1 When Buying Land

Hey guys,

I am going to start off a little series of land investing do’s and don’ts to help each one of you understand a little more about land investing. The number one rule to land investing is ACCESS! Yep, that is correct. In land investing, we come up against different challenges that we don’t have to deal with in 99% of daily life. Go shopping, get gas, drop the kids off at school, and even getting into our own house, this access issue is a non-factor. However, this is because the city planners, developers, engineers and lawyers all made sure that each parcel had access without impeding on other’s ownership rights. From downtown Dallas to backwoods Delaware we have to be cognizant of this fact. This is where you need to put on your detective hat and understand any and all access concerns that come with any parcel that you may buy! This is absolutely buyer beware when it comes to vacant rural land, and the often lax way that county officials or mapping can be recorded. In the next installment we will work on the actual steps you need to take when considering access to land that you may be looking at buying. Until then, remember that without access you will have a land locked parcel that will be worth virtually nothing.

Thanks for reading,

Trevor Probandt

Welcome to Go West Lands

Hey everyone,

We are excited to begin this new website to better serve our customers now and in the future. We will be adding content each and every week to better help everyone better understand the most common mistakes when it comes to buying land and even interview industry professionals concerning best uses for rural land. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have concerning your future land sales or purchases.


Trevor Probandt