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    0.22-acre Lot for Your Retirement Home in the Gorgeous Town of Interlachen FL!
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    0.22-acre in Lake County OR to Build Your Cabin!
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    0.11-acre to Build Your Dream Home in Putnam County FL!
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    1.04-acre Property to Build Your Ranch in Apache County, AZ!
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    1.04-acre Property for Sale in Apache County, Arizona!


If you can no longer make payments, or no longer want the property, we are simply able to send you a termination letter…is that it? Yep!!! We know that life gets rough sometimes, or your desires change, we are people too. Simply email or call us and we will cancel the contract and everyone will be good. We NEVER pull credit nor do we report to any credit agency, Go West Lands isn’t a big bank. Let them deal with that, we just like helping people afford new land.

While you are making payments, I will still receive the property tax bill once a year and will pay it. I will then invoice you for the taxes which can be paid online. I hand pick properties with low taxes so they will not be a burden to pay.

We get this a lot! No, this is not a scam. We buy all of our properties CASH and then finance them for you, this allows us to be the bank, it also allows us to make any kind of deal we want to concerning pricing, term lengths, etc. I buy most of the properties in my own name or Go West Lands. We like dirt because it is simple, not like Wall Street and all of their games!

Heck NO!!! The sooner you pay it off, the sooner you own the land outright.

Once you find the property you would like, simply “check out”! You will be able to pay the down payment and document processing fee on the website as well as provide your information for the paperwork. Within 1 or 2 business days, you will receive a Contract For Deed (also known as a Land Contract) via an email link to SignNow, an online document signing service. You will be able to review the contract online, sign it, and select your preferred monthly payment method.

Absolutely, you can go see any parcel you wish, at any time you want to! Day or night, rain or shine. Land is always open and you never need a key to access it.

In a word, NO! You can enjoy your new property to your heart’s desire, bring the RV, camp, hunt, fish, cookout, pan for gold, shoot guns, hunt for fossils, or simply enjoy nature. However, I do not allow people to build structures on their properties until they have paid off the note. This is done for two reasons, 1) if you can’t make payments and I get the property back you don’t have to worry about losing money on the improvements 2) I don’t like getting angry calls from the county code enforcement when my buyers build things without getting permits.

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We love land and we love working with our buyers and sellers across the western United States! At Go West Lands we love land and everything that has to do with finding, buying, improving, sub-dividing and selling unimproved land to folks from across the country. There is no better investment, both financially and emotionally, than your own piece of land in the United States! With our ever growing population and constant need for space, this is your chance to do as you please on your land, for you, your kids and the future generations.

Please feel free to look around here to get a better feeling for our properties and our company. We are always available to speak to you via email or phone to discuss any of your land questions.

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Hey Guys,
 Just going to send out my very first Deal of the Week, for this first full week of September. 
I have a great 6 acre parcel in Costilla County that is ready to move onto a new owner. Looking to move this thing before the end of the weekend. So, I am willing to waive all document fees!!! Yep, so only $95 today gets you started on owning 6 acres just east of the Rio Grande River! 

Feel free to email me back here or call/text me on my cell, 940-736-8797. Only my subscribers can do this, and it is also good for the rest of the weekend on any property on my website. Enjoy your weekend, let's get you some land to go play on today!!!!