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Land in the Time of Safety

As we all know, the world has changed…not just the normal change that we all are subject to every day, but in a global change that has not been in multiple generations, if ever. The world has continued to turn on it’s axis, but human kind’s axis has been thrown out of kilter…maybe forever.

Mass layoffs, oil contracts trading at negative values, airlines grounded, weak and older people dying every day, the mass media juggernauts continuing to tell us everything that is going wrong across the globe twenty-four hours a day.

Then comes your investments, with winners and losers being built and destroyed every single day, through no choice, plans, thoughts, or ideas of your own. Simply being forced into the crap shoot that is Wall Street. Your only choice is if and when you get to buy and sell, and many many times it is done for you buy a computer programmer who studied at Yale and doesn’t know rate of return and price to earnings ratio from a hole in the ground. He simply does whatever his boss says to set up the algorithm, and then change it whenever his math says to….did he ask you??? Hell no!!!

What is there to do? Buy gold? Buy an Air BNB??? Those may be good answers for you, but I am all about buying raw land for CASH, below market value, and make outstanding returns by owner financing to the end buyer for the long haul. No banks, no tenants, no toilets, no Wall Street Quants and no government shut downs picking the winner and losers. Simply buy low, sell high, build wealth one day at a time. Sound boring, safe and smart??? It is!!!

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