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Rule #1 When Buying Land

Hey guys,

I am going to start off a little series of land investing do’s and don’ts to help each one of you understand a little more about land investing. The number one rule to land investing is ACCESS! Yep, that is correct. In land investing, we come up against different challenges that we don’t have to deal with in 99% of daily life. Go shopping, get gas, drop the kids off at school, and even getting into our own house, this access issue is a non-factor. However, this is because the city planners, developers, engineers and lawyers all made sure that each parcel had access without impeding on other’s ownership rights. From downtown Dallas to backwoods Delaware we have to be cognizant of this fact. This is where you need to put on your detective hat and understand any and all access concerns that come with any parcel that you may buy! This is absolutely buyer beware when it comes to vacant rural land, and the often lax way that county officials or mapping can be recorded. In the next installment we will work on the actual steps you need to take when considering access to land that you may be looking at buying. Until then, remember that without access you will have a land locked parcel that will be worth virtually nothing.

Thanks for reading,

Trevor Probandt

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